The Supervisory Board of RidgeNC is the group’s major consultative body that provides advice and consultation on the strategic development of the group as a whole as well as of its individual companies. The Supervisory Board meets once every six weeks. These regular meetings serve as a forum to exchange ideas and opinions on the group’s current affairs and future strategies.

The Supervisory Board consists of:

  • Mussa Marshenkulov, Co-founder

    Mussa is one of the original founders of RidgeNC. He has been based centrally in Moscow for more than a decade. Mathematician by qualification he has successfully applied his knowledge to a large variety of national and international business projects on behalf of the family. He has over 15 years of commercial experience and his expertise is multidisciplinary, ranging from industrial to investment banking and finance. In Russia Mussa focuses on business sourcing and development and asset consolidation.

  • Asia Marshenkulova, Co-founder

    Asia is one of the original founders of RidgeNC. Since her graduation with Hons in Applied Mathematics in 1999, Asia has worked at senior levels in the public sector in Russia. More recently, she became MBA qualified with a prominent business school in England. For many years, Asia has provided the family holding with strategic advice and guidance. Subsequent to her departure from the governmental arena, she has been managing the family business, concentrating on new ventures, value creation strategies, and planning.

  • Zalim Marshenkulov, Co-founder

    Zalim is one of the original founders of RidgeNC. In 2002, he moved from Russia to the UK where after an academic course he started his career as a parliamentary assistant in the House of Lords. Subsequently he has spent 10 years in the City of London managing the family business and focusing on new business initiatives, business sourcing and expansion strategies.

  • John Ingle, Board Financial Advisor

    John has worked in the financial sector for over 40 years. He is the principal of a city firm of accountants and has been running his own practice since 1985. He has tutored in accountancy, taxation and economics at the American College in London and held several financial directorships throughout the UK. John has been involved with the family since 2003 and has been instrumental in creating the group’s overall business development strategy.