RidgeNC is a family controlled, independent holding company, which acts as the private office for a number of closely related individuals. It is the umbrella under which their business interests and companies are monitored.

From their historical roots in the magnificent mountains of the Russian North Caucasus, the members of RidgeNC have developed a unique international footprint. Operations that form the present strategic core of RidgeNC have a successful history. The first overseas business initiative was launched in London, England in 2002 followed by a number of strategic involvements in different private projects and companies. The enterprise evolved at a rapid pace and has quickly become a strong and efficient business function.

During years of continuing growth and expansion a large variety of different commercial projects have been undertaken. The introduction of RidgeNC has enabled selected projects to be contained under one roof.

The group’s overall ethics and the business philosophy are deeply rooted in the history of its founder family’s conduct, reputation and tradition. From the beginning, the principal co-founders of the business built trusted long-term relationships throughout Russia and internationally. This approach has contributed to the successful development of the company.

Today RidgeNC is a diversified and resourceful group that seeks to deploy its skills and resources to innovate and progress in every area where it does business. It initiates and develops commercial opportunities in various sectors worldwide.